Trivia Quiz. 5 49.2(1) An owner of a place of employment, an employer and a contractor shall each ensure that any fall-arresting system consists of the following: (c) unless it is a horizontal life line, an anchor point that is capable of withstanding a 22 kN force or, if used under the direction of a competent person… Your legal duties Legislation requires that Personal Fall Protection Systems are re-certified by a competent person as a minimum once a year. A worker falls off and suffers severe head injuries. In the hierarchy of fall protection, consideration for identifying and controlling fall hazards is prioritized as follows: You have a fleet of trucks including flatbeds and tank trucks, which have frequent driver incidents off falls from the deck or load. Six Feet b. This quiz is incomplete! a. False 9. Delete Quiz. Gravitec’s Competent Person (Fall Protection) is an intensive program that covers the use, selection and installation of conventional and non-conventional fall protection equipment. x��Zmo�� ��%�I�\���]��6�Z�~pb;*K>Iޠ����:CJ6%�Tv8��y��p��E>?���# �K��xGV��W�)aaF�qw}EI��,YDҐj��^�n_��^U��O������_��>�e���cQ�T�������4H�P��d����D�%�~�#D�u:�uF(ܷ�}'p��u�h0r��z��#��ᎆ� �n�ö�c���uA����~������K��O��%���x�E8�v{ ;:��![�+�S�/R�I�_��_/o���:/_}J�.mA>�G�{B�����S�Ț���WuRx�ݚ7�n4΂��ћ0����a��a�'����w���C��u�x. True or False: Once a fall protection device has been inspected by a competent person and deemed safe for use by an employee, it is up to the employee to inspect it regularly and ensure that it still meets OSHA requirements. This course covers: fall prevention, restraint and arrest across a variety of applications. Harness Suspension Trauma History and Update. They said they were not sure what applications in your facility required fall protection at four feet and which tasks required fall protection starting at six feet, or even ten feet. It is … A monitor works alone to inspect a roof area and, at some point, is briefly 5 feet from an edge. What is the maximum distance someone is allowed to fall (free fall distance) before their fall arrest equipment begins to engage. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate acknowledging you have met or exceeded OSHA and ANSI requirements as a Competent Person and Competent Inspector. Every person working 6 feet or more above ground must be protected by a fall arrest system or guardrails a. 7148O - 3M Qualitative Fit Test Workshop (FTWS) 6948O - Qualified Fall Protection Engineer (Qualified Person) The … Your Supervisor. endobj You will receive your results via email, that will be provided at the bottom of this quiz. A Qualified Person. 6 feet . _____ (name of individual) has been designated as an “Authorized” Fall Protection Competent Person by Is he within the requirement for fall protection? Fall Protection Competent Person Refresher Training This is an 8-hour Fall Prevention & Protection training course designed for previously trained competent persons. 4 0 obj I-CAB Recognized. It refers to prevent from falling off of elevated work stations or into holes in the floor and walls. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate recognizing you have completed the training required to meet OSHA and ANSI requirements as a Competent Person and Competent Inspector. ;��r�ݠ���t���r�o:u0e�������C���;��q8`N��aQ�%醒jCM��Ű 4Zu2t�\PT;�U|��]-�8Ox*�4��p�f��Ox�HZTW������+���7�ѐY���� ��y��=y�0�|K�Sq6��"��˂�X������H�D��ݪ��� qW��4H����YyIW{�V>�� \�]]d���e�a���T�$�ݍ�J�J�Eh��c���ug`1P{��&q. The manufacturer. What is the overall purpose of the fall-hazard survey? This course covers: fall prevention, restraint and arrest across a variety of applications. ... Only a Competent Person. %PDF-1.5 You determine that this is unsafe and that a fall arrest system is required for any formwork. Unlike most online training companies, PureSafety has a dedicated, in-house team of safety professionals that live, breath, eat, and sleep safety. No OSHA standards apply at this time. You decide to do what, after stopping all use of this equipment type, including your rescue crews: After rescue training preparation is initially completed, what do you, as a fall protection Competent Rescuer, determine to be the highest priority going forward to improve your plant’s response to a future event? For the sake of this quiz we only look at federal OSHA compliance with … Since 1986, Gravitec Systems, Inc., has been PROTECTING WORKERS AT HEIGHT by improving their skills, knowledge, and equipment through fall protection, rope access and rescue training.People have been working at height for centuries but only recently have regulatory agencies, employers, families, and workers begun to take appropriate steps to reduce the social and … OSHA: Fall Protection In Construction! Safety director. If XYZ Contracting works only on flat roofs and always uses guard rails, then competent persons at XYZ’s sites don’t need familiarity with personal fall arrest systems (PFAS). This session is interactive and features a computer presentation, demonstration, hands on application, and a written knowledge test which helps to solidify the course material. This training course covers the highlights and most recent changes required by OSHA 1926.32 (f), … Look for damaged or missing parts. This competent person fall protection class is designed to teach employees how to identify fall hazards in their workplace, as well as how to properly inspect fall prevention systems and personal fall protection equipment. <> 6 feet 10feet 15feet 30Feet #2: According to OSHA’s scaffold standards (Subpart L), at what height must workers be protected from falls? If no mechanical equipment is used, warning-line systems should be erected around all sides of the work area not less than 6 feet from the roof edge. A body harness should be inspected before each use. 2. 10 feet. This course also addresses relevant fall protection regulations and fall hazard identification. It has a 12-month validity What one thing do you hope your maintenance crews remember from your last fall-protection training session? I-CAB Recognized. Fall Protection Competent Person – Honeywell Safety Training Online This two-day intermediate level course is designed for facility and site supervisors who must also serve as the competent person required by OSHA 1926.32 (f), 1926.500 and 1910 standards. 1. Section Three: Fall Protection Training A. What are good company guidelines toward the public regarding fall protection? a. Description. 7. In other words, fall protection is a key element of worker safety; providing sufficient fall protection saves lives. A safety net needs to be installed in the stairwell opening of a building under construction that measures 20 feet by 20 feet. 3 0 obj In fact, falls rank No.1, and they accounted for 38.7% of deaths in construction in 2016. 6921O - Fall Protection Authorized Person. 2 0 obj 4 feet. False 5. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> After proof testing: A competent person must inspect the platform and rigging immediately after they have been proof tested. 1 0 obj <> False 4. Welcome to your Competent Person Quiz You will receive your results via email, that will be provided at the bottom of this quiz. As an employer or if you control work at height (for example facilities managers or building owners who may contract others to work at height) you can be held responsible should an accident occur, particularly if the equipment is found to be faulty and/or uncertified. The OSHA: Fall Protection in Construction is a curse that most construction workers need to be conversant with or else they risk failing their certification exams. The Competent Person training enables the attendee to be responsible for the immediate supervision, implementation, and monitoring of a managed fall protection program. Inspection and recertification is more than ticking a check box and issuing a certificate. Stepladders and extension ladders are typically used in your plant to access maintenance work in ceiling panels and pipe racks. Fall Protection - Competent Person. The Competent Person for Fall Protection course is in compliance with OSHA’s fall protection regulations and exceeds compliance requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1926 standard. What is the validity period of the Competent Person for Fall Protection training certification? This course satisfies requirements for the classroom portion of operator safety training. Therefore you decide to do the following to address truck fall hazards. Fall Protection Competent Person Authorization Form. What procedures do you recommend in the future? All lanyards are the same. Length: Two days of training at your location and customized to your industry. Four Feet c. Three and a half feet d. All of the above 2. KG. Your company builds concrete structures and sets wall forms around rebar matte structures. In the case of working at height this means you need to provide protection against any fall hazards. You, as VP Safety of a cell phone tower company, have recently heard of the manufacturer’s withdrawal of a rail-climbing protection device that was not compatible with harness use. Fall Protection Online Test 11/18/2009. An CSA Compliant Training Class Online for Fall Protection (for both Construction and General Industry) in Canada for the competent person. However, a recent series of falls by contractor employees have produced several lawsuits against your company for negligence in not requiring contract safety rules to be enforced. Fall protection: competent person training Posted on September 28, 2011 by Eric Glass in Training. Description: This course is designed for those in a leadership position who must supervise other contractors and employees working at an elevated level. Do you have questions about Ellis Fall Safety Solutions? The quiz below is specifically designed to see how much you know about the prevention of falls on site. Being competent is a lot different than being the competent person. Competent Person Training The Competent Person training enables the attendee to be responsible for the immediate supervision, implementation and monitoring of a managed fall protection program. 4. Fall Prevention and Protection As stated above, adults learn best by “connecting the dots,” they want to answer the question “why,” so it’s an employer’s responsibility, ideally through the competent person to train workers in the nature of falls; in other words, it’s the True b. Please complete the form below, and a team member will reach out to you. Fall Protection Quiz Name: _____ Date: _____ Multiple Choice (circle the correct answer): 1. These components, combined with the hands-on set-up of fall protection systems, instill a working … True b. So, how’s your knowledge around the technical ins and outs of fall protection? Summary: Inspecting, Cleaning, and Storing Fall-Protection Equipment. endobj Falls account for 8% of all work-related trauma injuries leading to death. (A) The Competent Person (B) The Qualified Person a. Guardrails b. 2 feet. (Note: anchorage points support 5000 lbs.). Welcome to your Competent Person Quiz endobj Subpart X (Ladders and Stairways) calls for the use of a Competent Person, but you never see a Ladder Competent Person class. True b. The Senior Safety Officer. Always inspect equipment before using it. How should architects respond to the question of immunity from fall-hazard standards? 6418O - Fall Protection Authorized Person Comprehensive. Assign a competent person to inspect the worksite before work begins to identify fall hazards and to determine the appropriate fall prevention systems for workers. You have been told that workers can climb to 24 feet free climb and that a positioning belt is required as the only protection meeting OSHA requirements. Your normal procedure has been to use knuckle boom aerial platforms to get to pipe racks in difficult locations. What is one of the more critical developments, in national fall-protection requirements, for minimizing the potential for compounding injuries during a fall arrest? A Competent Person. What height is fall protection required for employees at Fisher Tank Company? Fall protection systems may be secured to the scaffold itself. ... To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Grading on the curve, if you got all the questions correct, you looked at the answers! What liability does a principal potentially face if he or she contracts for elevated work and requires the contractor to meet local, state, and OSHA regulations? Which of the following are types of fall protection? Well, there you have it. Safety nets c. Cover d. Personal fall arrest system e. All of the above 3. What is one of the more critical developments, in national fall-protection requirements, for minimizing the potential for compounding injuries during a fall arrest? Competent person section of Trenching & Excavation video Excerpt from excavation and trenching video developed in 2005 under an OSHA Harwood Grant. An owner of a window-installation business serving residential homes in your region has sincerely told each of his workers who install windows that when at height they can ask any piece of safety equipment they want and he will get it for them. However, one particular location cannot be reached with the lift, and that’s where your workers have to use a ladder to access a pipe leak on the same day you find out the location is inaccessible. False 8. How often is a competent person required to recheck the space after chemist certified a space (IAW 29 CFR 1915.15) As often as marine chemist requires Legal Reference to support requirement of "gas free it" before entrance into confined space. What should you do if someone is the victim of electric shock due to contact with power lines? An OSHA-Compliant Training Class Online for Fall Protection for Competent Persons (both Construction and General Industry). It is the most uncertain misfortune which leads to serious injuries and death. You inquire as to the available anchorages. Develop, implement, and enforce a comprehensive, written fall protection program that, at a minimum, complies with applicable OSHA fall prevention standards. COMPETENT PERSON. This type of employer is called: Evaluation forms turned in by participants in your fall-protection training course indicated that many of the students thought the part of the course that taught about laws and standards regarding the use of fall protection were confusing. Which one of the following do you select? EM385 and USACE Compliant Competent Person Training, Competent Person Fall Protection Refresher Training – Webinar, Competent Person Fall Protection Training, Competent & Qualified Person Fall Protection Training For Engineers, Grab-Safe Portable Ladder Extension Mark II™ Generation II (GSP2), Partners in Fall Anchor Technology (PFAT), Ellis Fall Safety Solutions Fall Protection Consultants, Building Design & Fall Protection Systems. Fall protection equipment must be inspected… (A) At the beginning of each use (B) Once every month (C) At the end of each shift (D) Frequently 5. Who is responsible for training employees on erecting, repairing, dismantling, and inspecting scaffolding equipment? What size net needs to be ordered, and how will it be attached? As employer, contractor or building owner you are responsible for providing a safe workplace. A competent person for fall protection doesn’t need expertise with all things fall protection; there is no need to master techniques that will never be utilized. Unfortunately, it is rare that any equipment is requested by these macho workers who are often exposed to sloped roof falls and ladder hazards. Fall Protection, Ladder & Scaffold Safety Exam #1: According to OSHA’s fall protection standards (Subpart M)at what height must workers be , protected from falls (other than scaffolds)? 6222O - Fall Protection Equipment Inspection . Fall Protection DRAFT. a. What do you do? This course satisfies OSHA's requirements for fall protection safety training. 1 Always follow manufacturers' instructions and warnings. What do you know about Fall Protection? PureSafety is quite a unique company in regards to safety and health training. You have also heard of your own climbers holding the safety sleeve open when descending, to avoid premature locking when leaning inappropriately. You can be incompetent but you cannot be an incompetent person. A rail car unloading procedure requires the operator to climb up the ladder at the rear of the car and walk along the tank to open the hatches. %���� <>>> COURSE DESCRIPTION. Take our quiz to find out where you fall short. stream What should you do to reduce future risks from falls? True b. 1932O - Fall Protection Competent Person Refresher. A shock or energy absorbing lanyard must bring a person to a complete stop and limit deceleration distance to: a. a. Provide First Aid b. The workers love him for this commitment. This model form/template must be customized to meet your Agency’s needs. Topics discussed will include but are not limited to: To play this quiz, please finish editing it. The first is your state of mind, the second being a specific individual. Partners in Fall Anchor Technology Appoint Four Professional Contractors to Achieve Rooftop Anchor Point Compliance, Prevent Fall Fatalities with Elimination Techniques Webinar, OSHA Q&A Regarding Grasping of Horizontal Rungs, Dr. Ellis Presentation at Slips, Trips and Falls Conference 2016, Dr. Ellis Presentation at 21-hour Philo Seminar, Slips, Trips, and Falls 2016: The Way Forward (October 4th and 5th, 2016), OSHA Third Annual National Safety Stand-down May 2-6, 2016. Competent Person Fall Protection Training.
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